English isn't only a language, it's also an investment

We believe that you have a reason to learn English - it's an investment. And like any other investment, your money should be invested wisely; in this case, with someone who can teach you how to use English language actively.

Specialization makes your English better, faster

You can find our Skype English classes or specializations below - choose the one you want to improve and then choose a Skype English teacher who is specialized and experienced in that field.

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Our English classes

Feel free to combine your classes as you wish, i.e. first take a Skype English conversation class
and next time a Skype English grammar class. Or discuss your plans with your teacher and he
will recommend the best set of Skype English classes for you.

One Skype English class is 55 minutes and can be divided into two separate
Skype English classes
if you feel more comfortable with a shorter learning time.

English Skype Conversation

Skype English Conversation

Pick this option if you want to use English in a general way, for speaking to friends or colleagues at work. This specialization also helps you understand English movies, radio broadcasts and podcasts. You'll learn: correct pronunciation, the most common phrasal verbs, new vocabulary, self-confidence in speaking.

55 minutes lesson from 15.99 USD | 30 minutes lesson from 7.99 USD

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Skype English Grammar

Skype English grammar

English grammar is the most crucial part of the English language. But the good news is that you can focus on the parts of grammar that will be most useful for you. Your Skype English teacher will go through the important parts fast and effectively. You'll receive: detailed explanations, practical exercises, and deep understanding of English grammar.

55 minutes lesson from 21.59 USD | 30 minutes lesson from 10.79 USD

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Skype English Business

Skype Business English

This lesson helps you improve your English in your business field. Find out how to use English at presentations, get new vocabulary and phrases. Be prepared for interviews. You'll receive: new vocabulary, specialized terminology, the most appropriate phrases and facts regarding the business environment.

55 minutes lesson from 27.99 USD | 30 minutes lesson from 13.99 USD

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Skype English Toefl Certificate

Preparation for Exams (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, BEC)

Our teachers are experienced and ready to help you through the most common English tests. Be confident about everything you need to know to pass your exam. Our teachers' goal is to prepare you for your test. You'll receive: everything you need to pass your exam, practical knowledge of the English language.

55 minutes lesson from 23.99 USD | 30 minutes lesson from 11.99 USD

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English for children via Skype

Skype English for children

We have courses for little beginners to help them improve their English or help them with their first steps in the English language. Our teachers use many teaching tools such as funny English cards with pictures or interactive tests. Your children will receive: basic vocabulary and pronunciation training, a unique and fun-filled experience with English.

55 minutes lesson from 22.39 USD | 30 minutes lesson from 11.19 USD

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