Business English

Your teacher in the training role as a business partner, boss during interview or any other specific situation.

Our Business English teachers have 5+ years of experience focus on accounting, sales and marketing, project management, interviews, information technology (IT), and more.

Preparation for exams

We focus only on one thing. Get prepared you for the test and share your happiness from your success.

Our teachers are certified, experienced, hardworking and always at your service in order to achieve your desired score. Feel free to discuss with us your expectations and individual teaching strategy.

English for children

We have courses for little beginners (experts say: the younger, the better) to help them improve their English or help them with their first steps in the English language.

Our nice, kind and calm teachers are experienced for more than 5 years and your children will have fun with every lesson.


A lot of people try to learn English language but in the end they aren't able to understand English movies, communicate with English speakers, basically use English language on daily basis.

You need to be in touch with English language. Listen and try to speak in a way kids are learning native language.

Handsfree Englishâ„¢. The most effective way to learn and speak English.

Learning English via Skype offers an easy way to become fluent and confident in English really fast.

When you feel relaxed at home or another favorite place, you can learn more in a shorter time. Just launch Skype and your Skype English lesson can immediately start!

Your Skype English teacher is there just for you and gives you everything you need to develop fast. Take your first step towards better English and book your a trial Skype English lesson now.

E-booking system

  • plan your Skype lessons
  • 24/7 availability
  • automatic time zones
  • email lesson reminder
  • choose your teacher
  • notes from each lesson

  • log in here
"Take a first step towards better English and see real progress with every lesson."